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French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture
Pierre J. Capretz, BĂ©atrice Abetti, Marie-Odile Germain, Laurence Wylie, Beatrice Abetti, Marie Odile-Germain
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These Is My Words
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Spanish for Reading-Raices Hispanas Spanish Roo

Spanish for Reading-Raices Hispanas Spanish Roo - Fabiola Franco,  Karl C. Sandberg,  Karl Sandberg The texts could have been more entertaining, but as the goal of "Spanish for Reading" is to teach students reading different kinds of texts -- fiction, poetry, academic boredom -- the mixture of texts presented in the book suits this goal perfectly. An approach to explaining grammatical foundations of Spanish through increasingly complex Spanish sentences with English translation available for verification was extremely helpful and effective. Perfect as a self teaching text book if your goal is to read in Spanish and to gain a sound understanding of the Spanish grammar.