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French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture
Pierre J. Capretz, BĂ©atrice Abetti, Marie-Odile Germain, Laurence Wylie, Beatrice Abetti, Marie Odile-Germain
Learn Spanish Through Music
SUBlingual Music
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Nancy E. Turner

Michel Thomas Foundation Course

Michel Thomas Foundation Course Spanish - Michel Thomas Michel Thomas Foundation Course are the best introduction into any language, and this one is no exception. Just in 8 hours you, as a third student in a group taught by Michel Thomas, will gain a sound understanding of Spanish equivalents to present tense, imperative, present progressive tense, past tense, past progressive tense, subjunctive mood and lots of other useful language constructions. And the most important thing is that, as Michel Thomas promises, "what you learned, you will not forget". Because this is not a parrot training course based on monotonous memorizing, this is a course that shows you how the language works and stays with you.