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Everyday Quantum Reality

Everyday Quantum Reality - David A. Grandy This book is a philosopher's take on quantum physics. The author starts out by arguing that though quantum physics concepts are observed on micro level and are usually considered counter intuitive to our every day experience many analogs to quantum physics phenomena can be found in everyday life. He then proceeds to peer on the everyday life experience through the philosophical microscope. And sure enough, he finds lots of examples of quantum processes - uncertainty, non-locality etc, especially that he doesn't overburden his search with too much of logical thinking.
So where is the big surprise? On microscopic philosophical level every day experience resembles microscopic quantum processes. On microscopic philosophical level you can see anything you are looking for.
In no way this book can be considered an introduction to quantum physics unless you want to get acquainted with quantum physics without actually understanding anything about it. If you are looking for an introduction, "Quantum Physics Cannot Hurt You" is an excellent book.
This book is also not the one that will improve your understanding of the quantum physics's concepts you are already familiar is. The only time this book was interesting was when the author quoted people like Niels Bohr or Carl Yung.
To summarize: "Everyday Quantum Reality" is a philosophical growth on the body of quantum physics.